The Everything Bundle (2024 Q2)

Course bundle: The Everything Bundle (2024 Q2)
This item is no longer for sale.
Please visit the latest everything bundle instead.
Lifetime access to every course currently in our library or launched before April 2025, period (includes Talk Python To Me [Pro Edition]).

Bundle pricing over time: Renew and save

Year 1
Buy the Everything Bundle and get the entire back catalog of courses and upcoming courses for one year.
Year 2
Entire catalog plus one more year of course updates (save 33%).
Year 3+
Entire catalog plus one more year of course updates at an even bigger discount (save 50%).
Discounts apply even if you have "gaps" between subsequent bundles.
Wait, what's the deal with renewals if this is own-it-forever? Glad you asked!

Courses in this bundle ( $1,930 value )

Course: NLP with spaCy
2.4 hours
Course: Python Type Hints
4.5 hours
Course: HTMX + Django
1.7 hours
Course: HTMX + Flask
3.0 hours
Course: Effective PyCharm
7.3 hours
Course: MongoDB Quickstart
2.0 hours
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