Talk Python To Me [Pro Edition]

Talk Python podcast, without ads or interruptions, included with Talk Python Training

Talk Python To Me is one of the most popular Python developer podcasts around [1]. If you haven't listened, we encourage you to become a subscriber. Talk Python To Me has always been 100% free, because it is ad supported. This is not a big downside because we are careful to only allow advertisers who have legitmate offers for our listeners. But ...

Talk Python Training users who own an Everything Bundle (active or previous) have access to Talk Python To Me [Pro]. It comes with two nice perks:

  1. Ad-free, no interruption listening to the podcast.
  2. The full archive of every single show in your podcast player (the current public feed has to be limited for external reasons)

If you qualify, just visit your account page to find your private RSS feed URL to access Talk Python To Me [Pro]. If you do not yet have access to the entire library - for life - and want Talk Python Pro, just pick up the latest Everything Bundle and then visit the details tab of your account page.

Regardless of how you listen to Talk Python To Me, thank you for listening.

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