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Our courses have been used to train thousands of developers and technologists at Fortune 500 companies. One success story we are happy to share is Dimension Data.
Dimension Data launched a #LearnToCodeinitiative for 31,000 employees
Read their public writeup of the entire experience.

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Do your employees work in locations with spotty internet or restricted networks? Maybe they travel and spend a lot of time on planes. We've got you covered.
With our free, native mobile apps for iOS and Android, your employees can keep learning even when there is no internet access.
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What students are saying

I have just finished the course. I found it excellent! [...] It just kind of feels like you’re having a nice conversation with a programmer friend who is in the same room with you, sharing his hard-earned experience and knowledge. Outstanding. [...] The course taught me a lot; ready for when I’m doing production projects that actually matter.
Keith Grant
When I first learned how to interface Python with the multitude of web services and data sources on the internet, a whole new world of automation opened up for me.
Python is a fantastic language to connect different services and to process data from all kinds of sources. But trying to find good tutorials on how to work with these services and their variety of data formats had me smacking my head against the table... That is until I found "Consuming HTTP Services in Python".
What I love about Michael's course is that it covers the whole spectrum-from web scraping with BeautifulSoup to parsing JSON from well-structured RESTful APIs.
So whether you're dealing with plain binary data, JSON or XML encoded responses, or even SOAP services, the course always has your back.
"Consuming HTTP Services in Python" is organized well and easy to follow along. Michael's delivery as an instructor clear and to the point. The editing work is excellent. As a result I can highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn more about interfacing with data sources on the web using Python
Dan Bader
I am learning tons using Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps.
The Mastering PyCharm course by Michael Kennedy is one huge lightbulb moment for me. I was probably using 10% of its features.
Paul C.

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