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Training courses must capture the imagination of your learners to be effective.
Toy apps and examples won't cut it.
That's why our courses are deeply practical. We build real apps and introduce actual trade-offs while carefully avoiding the overly complex.

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Our courses are written by some of the very best Python teachers, innovators, and educators, including

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Our pricing is exceptionally affordable and predictable.

Buy your team a course for roughly the price of a book and never pay a renewal fee. Our own it forever model means no worrying about subscriptions going underutilized.
Get a course for $19-$49 / student
That's it.* Weight that against a transient $1,000 / student in-person training event or recurring monthly subscriptions. Our course bundles are 85% even more cost-effective.
* Minimum purchase of 100 seats required for this price level.

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Case study

Our courses have been used to train thousands of developers and technologists at Fortune 500 companies. One success story we are happy to share is Dimension Data.
Dimension Data launched a #LearnToCodeinitiative for 31,000 employees
Read their public writeup of the entire experience.

Native mobile apps

Do your employees work in locations with spotty internet or restricted networks? Maybe they travel and spend a lot of time on planes. We've got you covered.
With our free, native mobile apps for iOS and Android, your employees can keep learning even when there is no internet access.
Check out the apps at their respective app stores.

What students are saying

Make no mistake, this is not for true beginners. I am by no means a python expert and while I might be considered an intermediate user, I don't feel like one. But I'm also not starting from square one either. So some basic fundamental skills in Python and it's key concepts are definitely helpful before beginning the course. [...] Once you start and make the public commitment to the 100 day challenge, you really start to get in a groove.
Bronson E.
I just finished the course. Thanks to you I learned much about the topic. Not all things were completely new, but I clarify most of them and now I feel that I really should use them (and I want to, of course) :) I believe that the acquired knowledge will move my Python skills to another level.
Tomas Ryba
If you're seriously looking to start using an IDE for your work, I can't recommend this PyCharm course from Michael Kennedy enough. Worth every penny. #pythonfordatascience
I took this course in hopes that I may learn a few things. I already use virtual environments and was familiar with that concept. I found your course to be very informative, thoughtfully approached, and easy to understand. You did not leave me behind and, in no part, did I feel lost or confused. In fact, count me in on your next course!
Bill Arbuckle

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Our platform comes with course by course reporting for all of your learners. You can keep tabs on your investment and make sure your employees are making the progress you're expecting.

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