Privacy policy

We take your privacy and data very seriously. This commitment starts with a least-privilege philosophy: We collect only what we need to operate a great online training site for you.

When you created your account, recall that we only ask for your first name, last name, and email address. When you buy a course, we don't ask for your physical address because we don't need that.

Our philosophy is to only collect information we actually need to provide you good service.

Data sharing

We do not share your information other than where is required to operate our business (e.g. Paddle because they process our credit card charges -- more details below on these services). Your information is safe and private with us.

Marketing communications

You are not required to take part in marketing communications to use our services. You can visit your account page and disable marketing-related emails (or simply unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of any email you receive).

Portability and erasure

We make it simple and immediate to export or permanently delete your account and related data. On your account page, you'll find a privacy tab with options to download your data and delete your account.

Data retention

We retain your account information and history unless you explicitly delete your account as described above.

External services

As stated above, we do not share your data except with a few select services necessary to operate our business. Here are those services and their related privacy policies.

Paddle is our credit card processor and merchant of record. We only exchange information with them when you purchase a course. We do NOT store your credit card information. Paddle may use third-parties to fulfill their services. See their privacy statemeny for details.

Privacy statement:

Sentry is our eror monitoring service. Generally speaking, we never share your information with Sentry. However, some of your information such as name and email may be captured in an error report (and hence held by Sentry) in the rare case that our website encounters an error while you are using it. See their privacy statemeny for details.

Privacy statement:

Have concerns or questions?

If you have further concerns or questions, please contact us at

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