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Online training from a source you can trust. Courses are written and presented by Michael Kennedy, the host of the Talk Python To Me podcast and professional trainer with over 10 years of experience.
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Are you serious about learning Python? Get the The Everything Python Course Bundle.

With our bundles you own the courses forever, but you get all the courses at roughly 28% the list price.

What students are saying

Make no mistake, this is not for true beginners. I am by no means a python expert and while I might be considered an intermediate user, I don't feel like one. But I'm also not starting from square one either. So some basic fundamental skills in Python and it's key concepts are definitely helpful before beginning the course. [...] Once you start and make the public commitment to the 100 day challenge, you really start to get in a groove.
Bronson E.
Watching Effective PyCharm from Talk Python. I’ve been using PyCharm for a long time and it’s really powerful, but wow I was barely scratching the surface with all the short cuts and optimizations. I highly recommend this course if you are using PyCharm, it’s fantastic.
I would encourage all my Python friends to buy this course. Michael Kennedy did an amazing job and it’s money well spent. I'm loving it! I'm totally unblocked on htmx now! Onward!
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One of the challenges of self-paced online learning is if you get stuck it can be hard to get help to get yourself unstuck.

That's why we offer live, online office hours. You drop in and join a group of fellow students to chat about your course progress and see solutions via screen sharing.

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Talk Python To Me podcast

We created and host the Talk Python To Me podcast. This provides much of the inspiration and background for our courses.

If you want to take your Python game to a higher level, you won't find a bigger assortment of interviews and insights with the leaders of the Python community.

Python Bytes podcast

Looking to keep up with the latest headlines and news in the Python space? Be sure to listen to the Python Bytes podcast.

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