Renewable energy

Our infrastructure is backed with renewable energy

Courses and podcasts served with solar and wind energy

At Talk Python Training, we are concerned about the environment and we want to leverage our position to make positive change as much as possible. We don't run our own data center, we host everything in the cloud (DigitalOcean and AWS to be specific). But that doesn't mean there isn't an environmental cost to running an online business and we don't want to depend on the cloud vendors renewable energy efforts (commendable as they are).

That's why, to offset this impact, we purchase yearly renewable energy offsets from reputable companies such as TerraPass (details) and plant 10,000's of trees through the Eden Project (details). When you're in one of our courses, take a deep breath and relax knowing the carbon that would have produced was taken out of the energy system (where maybe it would have been supplied by coal or natural gas) and put back in via wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and certain hydropower energy sources.

It's not a perfect solution. But it's a whole lot better than doing nothing.

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