Own-it-forever bundles and (lack of) subscriptions

Here's a common question:

"If the Everything Bundle is an own it forever model, why do you list renewal pricing on the product page? Isn't that like a subscription?"

No, it's not the same, but it is a frequent misconception. Here's the deal. When you buy the Everything Bundle, you get lifetime access to every course in our library, period. Lifetime means you will have access forever.

The renewal aspect comes into play when you think about the future. Not the courses we have in our library now, but the ones we create in 2 years, 3 years, 10 years from now. With the bundle, you get access to all the courses in the library plus roughly 1 year of new courses.

But eventually (after about a year), we'll still be creating courses and they will no longer be included in your bundle. Imagine, in 2 years from now, we release an amazing course you're very excited to take. There are a couple others you're really interested in as well. If you want to take them all, the most efficient way is likely a new bundle. That's why we offer discounts for renewing and what the idea of renewing the bundle is actually about.

Renewing your bundle is about getting future updates, not about retaining access to your current courses.

We hope this clarifies things. It is different than subscriptions, so it's fair to want some clarification. Please contact us if you have questions.

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