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Getting Started with FastAPI Course

Modern APIs with FastAPI and Python: FastAPI is one of the most exciting new web frameworks out today. It's exciting because it leverages more of the modern Python language features than any other framework: type hints, async and await, dataclasses, and much more. If you are building an API in Python, you have many choices. But, to us, FastAPI is the clear choice going forward. And this course will teach you everything you need to know to get started. We'll build a realistic API working with live data and deploy that API to a cloud server Linux VM. In fact, you'll even see how to create proper HTML web pages to augment your API all within FastAPI.

Full web apps with FastAPI Course

Full Web Apps with FastAPI: FastAPI has burst on to the Python web scene. In fact, the 2020 PSF developer survey shows FastAPI going from off the radar to the 3rd most popular and fastest growing framework for Python developers. People discovering FastAPI are thrilled with it's toolchain for building APIs. But they wonder if they will need to build a parallel app in Flask or Django for the HTML side of their site. This course is here to show you that you do not need a second browser-oriented framework: FastAPI is a fantastic framework for HTML-oriented content and static content.

FastAPI Auth and the Microsoft Identity Platform

Secure APIs with FastAPI and the Microsoft Identity Platform: Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based Identity and Access Management service from Microsoft. With security threats on the rise it’s important to know how to build secure solutions with robust authentication and authorization services to protect your data. In this course we will introduce basic identity principals and learn how to use Azure AD to enforce who and how they can access our Fast APIs using open industry standards such as OAuth2 and OIDC. If you are a Python developer that wants to know how to implement secure, JWT-based authentication and authorization by leveraging a scalable, secure and flexible identity provider such Azure AD, then this course is for you.

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