Secure APIs with FastAPI and the Microsoft Identity Platform Transcripts
Chapter: Building a Secure API
Lecture: Provisioning an Azure AD tenant

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0:00 In this module, we will learn how to provision and Azure Active directory. In Azure
0:07 Active Directory tenant is an instance of azure active directory. Since Azure AD is a software
0:13 as a service solution. All you have to do is create one for your organization
0:16 business or application. If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription or using Microsoft.
0:23 Azure Microsoft cloud service, then you already have an Azure AD Tenant. However, to keep things clean and simple, we will assume that you have none.
0:32 And in this module we will learn how to create Azure Active directory Tenant using Microsoft's
0:37 free Microsoft 365 developer program. By registering as a Microsoft 365 developer, you get a number of services and capabilities for free.
0:47 For example, you will get a fully licensed speed to Azure Active directory as well
0:52 as a SharePoint online instance, Max of dynamics. As well as test accounts and data to work with and all this is free forever.
1:01 And you're Microsoft 365, developer account will get renewed automatically every 90 days as long as you get to use
1:09 it once within that period. So what does it take to provision and azure active
1:13 directory, let's go ahead through the steps together but make sure to use your own information first navigate to
1:23 Show/devenv And click the join now button or search for Microsoft 365 developer program for a better experience.
1:34 I would encourage you to use a private window in your browser, click on the join now button and signing with the account.
1:43 They haven't used, fill in your details,
2:00 accept the terms and conditions and optionally signing for any marketing information and here you can decide what you want to use it for.
2:13 I would say personal projects for now we are interested in the Microsoft identity platform
2:19 We get an instant sandbox with users emails and conduct that will always get updated every day that you come in Microsoft teams and SharePoint.
2:31 It will also give us 25 users to be able to test different accounts and we will press next in this last wizard.
2:40 We need to create an admin account that will be used to interact with Azure active
2:44 directory tenant. It's very important to store this information securely because this account has full
2:51 ownership of this azure active directory tenant and you don't want to lose it when you're
2:56 ready, press continue. At this point you need to use two factor authentication to validate
3:02 your phone once you receive your code through sms enter it here and continue with the
3:07 setup. That's the last step And with that our Microsoft 365 developer tenant has been created. What we have in front of us is the microsoft 365
3:19 developer dashboard containing some critical information such as the main name which is always useful to
3:25 have. The day that our subscription expires which in this instance is May 8th 2022 and
3:32 my administrator account, the owner of the tenant which I will need to use to sign into my Azure active directory.
3:40 Beyond that, there's some useful information below about concepts, ideas and quick starts to help you get started with the Microsoft Identity platform.
3:49 We're going to skip all this and jump straight into Azure Active directory. The easiest way to get there is by navigating to
3:59 .com and then using your admin account to sign in. That's what I'm signed in. Then we'll click here we'll skip the two factors authentication
4:08 for now. However, I have to highlight that it is extremely important that you
4:12 set it up and for that you can use any authenticator app or the Microsoft authenticator
4:17 app on your phone and yes we once they signed in and there you have it That's our Azure Active directory. Let's go through some basic information here.
4:28 You notice that this is a full Azure Active directory premium with P2 license.
4:34 We have all our users down here that working as part of this developer tenant,
4:40 interesting fact these are actual Microsoft employees that gave permission for their names and pictures to
4:45 be used when we create new testaments to help you with some sample data. Next we'll be looking at app registrations.
4:54 Well done. Everyone. You now have a full azure active directory tenant to work with.

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