Secure APIs with FastAPI and the Microsoft Identity Platform Transcripts
Chapter: Introduction to Identity
Lecture: Identity-as-a-service

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0:00 The evolution of software and hardware has brought new opportunities and new challenges.
0:06 It all started with the mainframe and the dumb terminals but we quickly realized that this
0:11 was not efficient or scalable. So we entered the year of personal computers, a PC or MAC on every home and every desk to paraphrase this is when client
0:22 server architecture took off and the web took center stage. So enterprises spun up servers left,
0:29 right and center. These servers were either on premises or hosted by a provider like
0:34 Rackspace back in the day. This is what we used to build and run software
0:38 Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that this was not particularly efficient because most of
0:44 these servers were underutilized visualization to the rescue mutualization allowed us to squeeze even more power
0:53 from our resources and this was great for a while but our industry is continuously evolving and within a few years the cloud dominated. With clouds.
1:03 Our options on how to build, deploy and run software increased depending on our requirements such as cost availability,
1:11 scalability etc. We can choose from infrastructural service platform as a service and software as
1:18 a service. This nice little bag over here shows the difference between all these platforms
1:23 using Pizza as a metaphor additional on premises are and made at home. Pizza infrastructure as a service is taking bake platform as a service.
1:34 Is our pizza delivery and software as a service. Is dining out when you don't have to do anything.
1:40 So you go from having full control of your pizza or your infrastructure to having no
1:46 control of your pizza and your infrastructure and just ordering how you want it to look
1:50 and feel and taste. Long gone are the days that we had to worry about provisioning and managing infrastructure, which is great.
1:58 But not everyone out there is benefiting from the clouds.
2:01 There are still many organizations that rely on traditional on premises hardware or hybrid solutions that
2:07 we need to be able to cater to with such abundance of choice. Developers can now focus on building software and providing value to business.
2:18 Whether you're a solo developer building a mobile application or an enterprise developer, building a web app of a major bank.
2:26 The same goes for identity as we discussed earlier building and maintaining your own identity system
2:33 is extremely challenging. Instead of trying to re implement the identity will. Would it not
2:39 be much easier if somebody else built all that for you and all you had to
2:44 do as a developer is integrated with the identity service of your choice and choice. You have, there are plenty of identity services out there.
2:53 So in the end it all comes down to your criteria, cost availability, performance, platform,
2:59 support, etcetera. For this course we will focus on Azure active directory,
3:05 the Microsoft identity platform but we will mention if you so that you know what's out
3:09 there. Okta, Auth0, PING and Sail Point are also identity service providers out there but make sure to have a look before you make final decision.

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