Secure APIs with FastAPI and the Microsoft Identity Platform Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: More on FastAPI and Microsoft Identity

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0:00 Finally, before we started looking at the specifics around API security and implementing code and
0:07 if this is the first time that you're working with the FastAPI framework and Microsoft identity
0:11 then there are some great resources out there that you can use to get up to speed. We'll start with a fantastic course on FastAPI. This course which
0:22 is available here on talk Python does a great job introducing you to FastAPI and
0:27 it takes you from the basics all the way to deploy your solution to an environment
0:31 Next we jump over to the Microsoft platform where we have a developer focused course
0:37 around Microsoft identity. This course covers some of the basic terminology which will also be
0:44 covered here in this course. But the MS learn course goes into additional topics that
0:50 are not covered here. So it's highly recommended if you're interested in identity.
0:54 And finally, there is a great introduction to identity and security on Youtube where we
0:59 cover some of the basic concepts to help you understand how and why identity has evolved to where we are today. Consequently,
1:06 expect to see less on the implementation details and a bigger focus on the fundamentals and the history of Identity.

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