Secure APIs with FastAPI and the Microsoft Identity Platform Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Your instructor

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0:00 Time for some introductions. My name is Christosmatskas. I work as a program manager at Microsoft,
0:08 focusing on identity and security. I am also the host of the 425 show on Twitch, a twice weekly identity show. That's a lot more than just identity.
0:18 I contribute to open source frequently and I love speaking at conferences and user groups whenever
0:24 I can. I try to blog to share their knowledge and love about security. I Have
0:30 been developing software since 2004 and therefore I had the chance to work on many different
0:35 platforms, languages and tools. These days I try to help developers write better and
0:41 more secure software. You can always find me on twitter @christosmatskas and you
0:46 can keep track of my various activities or even reach out for help on the 425 show website /425Show/web.
0:58 I really look forward to doing this course with you.

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