Python for the .NET developer Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Deployment review

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0:00 We created our web app
0:01 we hooked it up to a database
0:03 but web apps are super not fun if no one uses them.
0:06 You have to put them on the Internet.
0:07 So we talked about different ways
0:09 in which we could host our web application.
0:11 Get our own hardware
0:13 post it on some kind of platform as a service
0:15 like Azure or Heroku.
0:17 But what we ended up doing for our demo
0:19 is actually setting up from scratch
0:21 a bare Linux machine to be a proper web server
0:24 so it has an Nginx front-end web server
0:26 This handles HTTPS, static files
0:29 and then delegates over to uWSGI
0:31 for the Python code execution.
0:34 And uWSGI itself is running in this master mode
0:37 which means that we have a bunch of different processes
0:40 that it is over seeing
0:42 and that's where our Python code actually runs.
0:46 It's not entirely obvious how to do this from scratch
0:48 if you've never done it before
0:50 but once you have one of those scripts
0:51 or couple scripts
0:52 and a couple of configuration files to work from
0:55 you'll see this is actually really easy to run
0:57 and maintain Linux servers, just like this.