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Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Packages and PyPI review

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0:00 The next thing that we talked about were all the incredible external packages that we could use. .NET has NuGet, Python has PyPI.
0:10 Right now at the time of this recording there's over 200,000 packages on PyPI and we were just shy of that when we took
0:16 this screen shot and put this presentation together. But we're well past that now well into the 200,000s.
0:22 There's so many amazing things, and we actually worked with a bunch of them. We worked with Beautiful Soup, with Requests
0:27 with httpx, with Jupyter, JupyterLab, NumPy Matplotlib, I could go on, and on, and on. We also talked about awesome Python
0:35 which is a place that aggregates some of the better libraries out there. We install everything from here via PIP pipinstall httpx, for example.
0:46 Make sure you run that with an activated virtual environment, or it's going into your system Python, not your project Python.
0:52 Finally, note on pronunciation, remember this is pie PI, not pie pie, that's actually a JIT compiling runtime for Python
0:59 that's an alternative to CPython. Pie PI, PyPI is awesome, it is one of the things that truly makes Python stand out and above
1:08 a lot of other languages.

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