Python for the .NET developer Transcripts
Chapter: async and await in Python
Lecture: Prerequisite C# knowledge

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0:00 In this chapter I'm going to assume
0:02 that you know C#'s async and await keywords
0:04 that you know the underlying task scheduler
0:07 that you understand how all these things work together
0:09 and even how async and await in C# run on a single thread
0:14 for the standard scheduler there.
0:17 If you don't know that
0:18 take a moment, go over and watch this video I did.
0:20 It's a little bit old from 2012
0:22 but nonetheless it's still perfectly relevant
0:25 for C# async and await keywords there.
0:27 This will give you the background that you need
0:30 so then you'll be able to appreciate
0:32 what Python is doing over on this side.