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Chapter: Database access and ORMs in Python
Lecture: Running our Flask app outside PyCharm

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0:00 Running our web app in PyCharm makes it a breeze. Click here, look it's looking perfect. However, watch what happens if we try to run this
0:10 outside of PyCharm. I'm going to copy this path here. I'm going to go over to it. Now, it's super important to realize
0:18 our virtual environment is not active yet so we need to do that. So we have to say, dot, go back a directory
0:25 say . venv/bin/activate or on Windows, forget the dot just venv\scripts\activate. But the outcome should be this.
0:34 Alright, let's go back to our ch08_db. So here's the Guitary thing, let's go in there and let's just run it. And the easiest way to run it is to say
0:44 Python Wait a minute, no module named guitary? Weird, okay, what if I go up a directory and I say Python guitary/
0:55 Well what's going on here, well what is going on is that with Python these directories are basically treated like name spaces.
1:05 Where our is relative to the other stuff it's a little freaked out. There's ways we could fix this. We could set it up as a package
1:13 rather than as just a set of files which would fix it but that's another thing that we'd have to worry about. It turns out fixing this is super easy
1:22 we can just go up here to the top, copy a couple of lines because they don't really matter. So go to anywhere before the first Guitary
1:28 and I'll just do it at the very top here. We can do a little bit of messing with the path basically add the top level directory.
1:37 So for, here, and go up one directory and add that to the path. Actually go up one directory and add that to the path. So guitary/app now exists.
1:48 You're going to get some warnings here that say, you're not supposed to put this at the top but obviously if you don't put it at the top
1:54 it's going to crash. So, I'd rather break the convention and have it work than not break the convention and have it fail right?
2:00 That seems silly. So now, here we are if we, lets' just go in here doesn't really matter. At this point we just say Python
2:09 Boom. It's off and running, except for it's already running over here it's can't share that address. So try it one more time.
2:17 Beautiful, and let's just make sure things work. Yes, they do. Still talking to our database, just like you'd expect.
2:26 Right here you can see a bunch of stuff coming back. Uh yeah, it looks like we need to do little cleanup on one of our SQLite objects.
2:32 But none the less, everything is other than that little detail there, which I'll look into it looks like we got it running just fine.

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