Python for the .NET developer Transcripts
Chapter: Web frameworks
Lecture: Full Flask course

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0:00 Well, like I said about blueprints
0:02 that's a whole 'nother thing that we can go into.
0:04 There's a lot of stuff that we haven't talked about
0:07 design, performance, and many, many other things.
0:11 So if you're really into Flask
0:12 and you really want to get into Python web development
0:15 you can go in much deeper.
0:16 We also have a 10-hour Building Data Driven Web Apps
0:19 with Flask and SQLAlchemy course.
0:22 You can check it out here.
0:23 We also happen to have the same course, but in Pyramid
0:26 so you can pick one of those two frameworks
0:28 and dive deep into building web apps with Python
0:30 in a much more realistic and full-featured way
0:33 you know, user management, all that kind of stuff.
0:36 We're going to pretty much leave it here with terms of Flask.
0:38 It's enough to get you started
0:40 and really show you what it's all about
0:42 but if you really want to dive deep
0:43 there's way more to get into.
0:44 You can check out our course, or other resources.