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Chapter: Web frameworks
Lecture: Bring in the design

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0:00 Time to bring in our web design and to add another template and view method to get things to look a little bit nicer.
0:07 Now, this is not a web design course so I'm just going to grab our CSS, our images and this vendor is the snapshot in time
0:16 of a couple of things like Bootstrap. I'm going to drop that over into our static and just copy and paste
0:22 and it'll do all the right things to put them there, right adds them TicketHub and so on. And here's our guitars that we saw in the beginning.
0:29 But there's our static stuff. And I want to also copy over couple of templates here going to recreate the guitar one. But let's copy these two.
0:41 Now, notice we have an _layout. This might look familiar to you as well and then we have the index.
0:47 I saved the one we created under old just so you have it but now, we have a new one and it really has no dynamic data in it whatsoever.
0:55 It just has some styles, right? Like, here's that big, colorful section at the top. It's going to have some navigation.
1:03 The navigation comes from over here. And the way that you create these outer shell and then embedded, little pieces is We just have standard HTML.
1:11 This is the wrapper common look and feel. Here's our navigation. PyCharm thinks things are misspelled and, yet, they're not.
1:18 Then you just come down here and you say, we're going to have a block called main_content. So this line right here is going to inject
1:25 whatever is in these other template files into that segment assuming that we go up here and we say this template this one, this one extends _layout
1:36 and then here's a title section and here's the main bits, right? So this is how we break this up into a common look and feel
1:44 and then the things that's special per page. Let's run this again. Hit that. And look at this.
1:51 Pretty amazing, isn't it? I'll zoom it back a little bit so it fits on this screen. But there we have our cool web design for our project.
1:59 We've got our navigation and so on. Now, of course, if we click on Guitars /guitars doesn't exist. Maybe we misspelled it
2:07 or, more likely, maybe we haven't written it yet. Here's how we get this. You have to trust me that this is going to be
2:14 a common look and feel around the whole site but soon as we add another one, the Guitars one we'll see that that is, in fact, true.

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