Python for the .NET developer Transcripts
Chapter: Web frameworks
Lecture: The demo app

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0:00 I said I was excited about this chapter
0:02 and I'm excited because we get to build
0:03 a really cool application
0:05 and building apps that are fun
0:07 well, that just makes me happy.
0:09 Here is the web app that we're going to build.
0:11 Guitary, going to rock your socks off.
0:13 So imagine we've created some kind of guitar company
0:17 custom guitar manufacturer, and we want to create these
0:20 and then sell them on our website.
0:21 And this is our website.
0:24 Notice over here we've got the stuff.
0:25 We've got some cool art and pictures of guitar stuff.
0:32 But more importantly, you can browse the guitars.
0:34 So if we go over here and browse, here are our guitars.
0:37 We have our AX Black
0:39 our Acoustic Black
0:40 our Weezer Classic.
0:41 We have a bunch of cool guitars down here.
0:44 Now this is all the guitars. home/guitars.
0:47 All right, get it this way
0:48 also pass all, doesn't really matter.
0:50 We can also just look at just the electric guitars.
0:54 Or just the acoustic guitars.
0:55 Now you can't drill into them.
0:57 Kind of stopped at this point.
0:59 Basically have this catalog of guitars
1:01 and we can go and filter them and so on.
1:03 Go back to our home page.
1:05 And right now this is static and memory data.
1:08 Ultimately, later down the road when we get
1:10 to the database section we're going to store all
1:12 of our guitars in the database and query them.
1:15 So this is the web application we're going to build
1:17 for this chapter
1:18 and we're going to continue to use it in the database chapter.
1:20 Like I just said
1:21 we're going to take this static data
1:22 and we're going to put it into the database
1:24 and then query it back for this page and others.