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Chapter: Web frameworks
Lecture: Choosing a Python web framework

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0:00 So which one should you choose? Well it turns out, some are more equal than others. Here's an excerpt from a cool survey
0:09 done by the Python Software Foundation basically the organization that leads and oversees Python
0:15 in concert with JetBrains, who as you know make PyCharm. So they came together to try to figure out
0:21 what does the ecosystem for the Python world look like? Now this is probably the biggest survey with results out at least to date.
0:30 So their 2018 survey, which is a little bit old but still totally relevant. And one of the things they asked was what web frameworks do you use?
0:38 And here's a big, long list. Flask, Django, Tornado, Pyramid. Well those we talked about. There's also others, like I said, there's so many.
0:45 Web2Py, Bottle, CherryPy, Falcon, Hub, TurboGears, none. And then somewhere between that 1% and none is all the other ones that I mentioned.
0:54 And actually you might thing they're not popular but that's not necessarily true. Some of those frameworks haven't even been around
1:01 for two years, so they wouldn't even show up in this list 'cause they weren't born yet. Alright, so that's one thing to consider.
1:08 But another is Flask usage has grown 15% since the last survey a year prior. So if you look at the framework that has the most mojo
1:18 or the most excitement, the most growth behind it I'd say it's probably Flask. It's been Flask and Django were pretty close to tied
1:24 for a while in some surveys and now Flask seems to be pulling ahead. So we are going to work with Flask
1:29 because even though I'm an absolute fan of Pyramid and I actually like it better than Flask I want to give you all the best experience
1:39 in terms of what you're going to run into out there in the world. If you pick up some kind of web app and you start working with it and it's Python
1:46 it's a good chance that it's Flask. Or you go and look at a tutorial and some tutorial like hey, I want to use Docker and some Python web framework
1:52 good chance that it's Flask. So we're going to pick that even though, like I said I'm a big fan of Pyramid, I like Flask as well.
1:58 It's got a cool MVC ASP on it, MVC feel to it and it's pretty straight forward. I think you'll like it too.

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