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Chapter: Web frameworks
Lecture: Python web apps introduction

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0:00 This is a chapter I'm super excited to present to you. So far we've been building little, tiny command line-driven applications
0:08 and those were fun and I think we built some cool things. But now we're going to build some true beautiful applications as web apps with Python.
0:18 Web development in Python is pretty special. It's actually one of the two areas where Python truly shines. Python is great at a lot of things.
0:26 It's especially great at developing web applications. Now I can hear what you're thinking and I've come from your space
0:34 and I know entirely how it feels. C# is compiled to intermediate language that intermediate language is JIT compiled to machine instructions.
0:42 Even ASP.NET templates are compiled down into assemblies which are then JITed into machine instructions. Surely ASP.NET is clearly a better choice
0:52 than whatever we're going to choose for Python. It's going to be faster, it's going to scale better. That's a totally reasonable line of thinking
0:58 but it's actually super far from the truth. Python is really good at web development. Deployment is fast and easy.
1:05 Deployment on Linux is basically the default. Means super-cheap cloud hosting, easy dev ops. The web apps actually perform incredibly well.
1:14 If you look at what web applications are built with Python there's a bunch that would surprise you. Reddit is built on Python. Quora, the Q&A site.
1:23 YouTube, YouTube is built on Python and they have millions of requests per second. Per second. Even the site that you're looking at now
1:33 or if you're on one of the mobile apps the site that the mobile app is talking to
1:38 This site is built in Python, as you would expect, right? But I can tell you it's an absolute joy to work with. The performance is incredible.
1:46 It gets literally millions of data-driven requests through the web framework in Python per month. And yet, if I log in, the CPU level's at like 2%.
1:55 The response times are low milliseconds. 10, 20 milliseconds for data-driven requests. It's really, really cool.
2:03 So, if you're wondering about whether Python makes sense for web development just put that on hold, suspension of disbelief
2:09 that sort of thing, move it to the side, and enjoy this. Because it turns out Python is actually really a good choice for web apps.

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