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Chapter: Package management and external libraries
Lecture: Finding the Python libraries

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0:00 Knowing the language, Python or C# either one of 'em, it's important. But it's actually a pretty small step to being effective in that technology.
0:09 Knowing the base class library or what's referred to as the Standard Library in Python, quite important, right?
0:15 There's so much more to know about the libraries that come with these two languages than there is just the language itself.
0:21 As we just saw, there's 200,000 libraries that I can go build stuff with. How do I have any hope of figuring out that
0:30 which ones I need to be using as a new person? One of the big challenges coming to a programming environment is I need to do something.
0:38 I got to figure out, do I have to build that from scratch or is there some built-in library or is there some third-party library that I can go grab?
0:45 So let me introduce you to Awesome Python. This is just a website, also has a it's backed by a GitHub repository
0:52 and the idea is people submit cool libraries and packages for Python under different categories. And this is not just an exhaustive list.
1:00 In order for it to make it on this list, it has to get a certain number of votes and things like that. So let's imagine that we want to build something
1:07 and we want to talk to a database. So databases are actually the databases so we'll look at the drivers.
1:13 So I could talk to MySQL using these things or Postgres. Or if I want to talk to, you might care about Microsoft SQL Server, you could use PyMySQL
1:23 or here's PyMongo for talking to MongoDB. But, you know, obviously you could just directly talk to them, but you'd probably be better off using
1:32 an ORM, so we've got a ton of awesome ORMS and little descriptions about why they're interesting. The one that we use for Talk Python Training
1:40 is actually Mongo Engine, which is an ORM or ODM on top of PyMongo, which talks to MongoDB. Absolute joy to work with, not really relevant
1:49 for this course, but you know, it's listed right here as one of the four ways to do it. You want to talk to DynamoDB or Redis
1:55 or something like this, right? So you just pick something. You want to figure out how you do computer vision? Go over here and, Oh look, OpenCV.
2:04 OpenCV is a great library for working with computer vision and Python. But I recommend you start here with Awesome Python
2:11 if you need to work on some project or you got to get a functionality for some category and you're like, Oh, I wonder what's here?
2:18 These are here, not just because they're in existence but they're here because they actually got voted
2:23 as one of the better libraries for that category.

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