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Chapter: The Python Language
Lecture: Language chapter introduction

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0:00 It's time to start to write some code and digging into the Python language. In this chapter, we're going to focus on
0:08 comparing language features to language features. The Python language features to C# language features. And as you know in the C# side of things
0:17 which is also true in Python knowing the language is not much. It's only the tip of the iceberg in terms of knowing how to use C#
0:27 and Python is just like that. The language is great you do need to know it but there are so many libraries. There's the standard library
0:33 which is like .NET's base class library. And then of course there's all the other libraries out there hundreds of thousands of them that we could use
0:41 and that you need to know. This is just one part that we're starting to dig into here and we're going to focus on language features in this chapter.
0:49 When you think of the Python language and the C# language depending on your background you may think that they're quite different, right?
0:58 You might think well Python is kind of like this scripty language. It's a little bit like Bash, but a little bit more.
1:03 And then C# is what you build real applications with with compilers, and runtimes, and all that.
1:08 These two languages and ecosystems are way more similar than you think. Yes, Python has been used in a scripting context but it is used to build
1:18 some of the most important applications out there and some really major ones. For example, maybe you've heard of
1:24 YouTube or Instagram or things like this, right? It's used for really large and important projects.
1:30 The language structure that you have in C# and Python is actually quite similar. Many of the things you care a lot about in C# and the language
1:38 you'll find very comfortable and sometimes once you get used to it even better in Python. So we're going to talk about those now
1:46 but I just wanted you to keep in mind even though they may look different when you first see these new language features
1:51 or these language features in a new language they're actually quite similar to what you already know.

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