Python for the .NET developer Transcripts
Chapter: Your setup
Lecture: Our IDE: PyCharm

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0:00 We're going to need a proper editor
0:02 to work on our code.
0:03 We're going to write a bunch of cool apps
0:04 we're going to write some database apps
0:06 going to write some data science apps
0:08 web apps, all kinds of things.
0:10 A really super simple, simplistic
0:12 editor would suffice but it is really
0:15 not what we want.
0:16 So there's a couple of choices we could choose
0:19 but I'm going to be using PyCharm for this course.
0:22 I do believe it is
0:23 the best way to write Python code
0:25 and I think as a .NET developer
0:27 you're going to really, really appreciate it.
0:29 For the .NET side of the world
0:31 Microsoft side of the world
0:32 I do want to throw out that
0:33 the second best editor in my opinion
0:35 that is right behind PyCharm
0:37 is VS Code with the Python plugin.
0:40 So if you want to use that
0:41 that's totally fine.
0:43 But we're going to be using PyCharm.
0:44 There's a Community edition
0:45 and then there's a paid edition.
0:47 The Pro edition, the paid edition
0:50 is what we're going to need
0:51 to do some of the data science
0:52 and the web work, the database work.
0:55 But other than that
0:56 you could use the Community edition of PyCharm
0:57 for everything else.
0:59 I'm tempted to go into all the details
1:01 about why this is so awesome.
1:02 Do want to say that we will go
1:04 through lots of the features
1:05 and you'll see this thing in action
1:07 over and over and over.
1:08 We're going to write a ton of code throughout this course
1:10 so you're going to get to learn how to use it really well.
1:13 But let me just leave you with this thought.
1:15 Many of you are fans of ReSharper
1:17 the plugin for Visual Studio.
1:20 You know, especially in the early days
1:21 it did amazing stuff compared to what
1:23 Visual Studio itself did.
1:25 Visual Studio has adopted a lot of those features
1:27 but still ReSharper is awesome.
1:29 You maybe had the thought like
1:30 Well, Visual Studio with ReSharper is awesome
1:32 but what if the people that made ReSharper
1:35 just made the whole thing
1:36 they made the entire IDE
1:38 and it came with ReSharper?
1:39 Well that's basically PyCharm.
1:41 Right, this is completely made by JetBrains
1:43 it's the same people that make ReSharper.
1:45 And it's just dedicated to working on Python code.
1:48 And by the way
1:50 JetBrains did eventually come out
1:51 with their own IDE for C# and .NET as well
1:54 it's called Rider.
1:55 We're not really going to work with
1:56 or talk about Rider.
1:57 Just interesting bit of history there.
1:59 But PyCharm is really a super great IDE
2:02 for working with Python code
2:03 as well as HTML, JavaScript
2:05 database stuff, and so on.
2:07 And that's what we're going to be using for this course.