Python for the .NET developer Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: What's built with Python?

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0:00 Being new to the Python space, you might wonder
0:02 what can you build with Python?
0:04 What apps are out there that you know of
0:06 that are actually built with Python?
0:08 Maybe you don't know they're built with Python
0:09 but yes, in fact, they are.
0:11 So in this short section
0:13 I just want to give you a taste of what is out there
0:15 and what is built with Python
0:17 so you can think of it and reference what you want to build
0:20 and things that you're trying to do.
0:22 When I think of companies that are
0:23 impressive to me these days
0:24 well Space X is absolutely among them.
0:28 What Elon Musk, and his team over there
0:29 are doing to jump ahead of all these governments
0:33 and just create true innovation in space.
0:36 It's blowing my mind, it's like we live in the future.
0:38 And guess what?
0:39 If you go over there, there are 92 different job positions
0:42 probably more jobs than that
0:43 open for Python developers at Space X.
0:46 They don't talk about exactly how they're using it
0:48 but I know that they're doing some amazing stuff there.
0:51 Spotify.
0:52 Spotify makes heavy use of Python for their web apps
0:55 and APIs.
0:57 NASA.
0:58 NASA uses Python for a lot of things.
1:00 They did this montage of how we're going to reach the moon
1:03 this new project that they're on.
1:05 And they had all these different people and engineers
1:07 and they had one section where they were focusing
1:09 on a awesome code that they were writing.
1:11 Yeah, that was Python code.
1:13 Bitly, the URL shortening service.
1:16 Bit Bucket.
1:17 JP Morgan Chase.
1:19 Some of these, Spotify, Bit Bucket
1:21 they got those like little start-ups
1:22 and that there kind of thing.
1:23 But enterprise stuff, what about that?
1:25 Well, JP Morgan Chase, they're core trading engine
1:29 the central part of their bank
1:32 is built in Python.
1:33 In fact, 35 million lines of Python code that
1:36 JP Morgan Chase has doing super central stuff over there.
1:41 Quora, Q&A site
1:43 I love how rich and detailed the answers are over at Quora.
1:46 That site, you guessed it, Python.
1:48 Disqus
1:49 the way you can plug in the comments at the bottom of your
1:52 blog or other webpages.
1:54 They talk a lot about how thy use Python
1:56 and how they scale it. Really amazing.
1:59 Instagram.
2:00 Instagram does all sorts of stuff with their APIs
2:02 and their web apps in Python.
2:05 They gave an amazing keynote at PyCon a couple years ago
2:08 about what they're doing with Django
2:10 and it's super impressive.
2:12 Read It.
2:13 Front page of the internet, as they say sometimes.
2:16 Read It is not only built in Python
2:18 but there's an archival version of it
2:20 where you can get the source code for the Read It site
2:22 and yeah
2:23 they use tons of the technology that we're covering
2:25 in this course.
2:26 YouTube.
2:27 YouTube is built in Python
2:28 and they get millions of requests per second.
2:33 Per second.
2:34 And it's built in Python, doing amazing stuff.
2:37 There's a mix to technologies over there
2:38 but Python's central over at YouTube.
2:41 PyPI, the Python packaging index
2:42 is implemented in.
2:44 No surprise really there, Python.
2:47 Pintrest.
2:48 Pintrest is also Python and Django.
2:50 PayPal.
2:51 PayPal has some central APIs that do their pricing
2:55 their real-time pricing stuff
2:57 and these APIs get called billions of times a day.
3:01 They need super, super low latency response times
3:04 You know like, five milliseconds, that's a lot
3:06 can we get that down to three type of response time.
3:09 Python.
3:10 Dropbox is almost entirely Python.
3:12 Both the stuff behind the scenes, as well as the client
3:15 the little box icon that appears in your task bar
3:17 or your menu bar, all that is Python.
3:19 They have millions of lines of Python
3:21 making Dropbox possible.
3:23 And finally, last but not least
3:25 yeah, Talk Python.
3:26 The training site, our APIs, so much of what we do
3:29 of course is built in Python
3:32 and it's been serving us incredibly well
3:34 and it's going to continue I'm sure.
3:37 Here are just some of the things that are built with
3:39 or using Python deeply.
3:41 These are amazing, right?
3:43 If it worked for them
3:44 chances are Python's going to work awesome for you too.
3:47 There's a quick little link here at the bottom.
3:49 This links over to the description of many of these
3:52 different companies
3:54 how they're using Python, and so on.
3:56 Not all of them, like Space X and JP Morgan
3:58 they're not covered there.
3:59 Well, neither is Talk Python I guess.
4:01 But a lot of the other stuff covered here
4:02 they actually talked specifically
4:04 about how they're using Python
4:05 if you want to dig deeper and see what's going on.