Python for the .NET developer Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Python is growing fast, catch the wave

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0:00 As a .NET developer, you could go learn
0:02 many other languages.
0:03 C# requires a lot of skill and it's similar
0:06 to many other languages as well.
0:07 JavaScript might be a good choice.
0:10 C++, maybe that's a good choice or even gasp, Java.
0:14 You could go learn that as well.
0:15 So why should you learn Python?
0:18 Well, let's start with a story originating
0:20 from a place that I'm sure you're familiar with
0:22 Stack Overflow.
0:24 Stack Overflow was created by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky
0:27 who had a lot to do with the Microsoft space.
0:30 So kind of the home of .NET Q&A in the early days, right?
0:35 Well, they wrote this cool blog post, The Incredible
0:38 Growth of Python.
0:39 So they went through and they analyzed all the questions
0:42 on Stack Overflow and they said, Which ones are tagged
0:45 with Python relative to other languages?
0:48 Let's look at that over time.
0:50 Let's look at how that's growing.
0:51 Let's do some data science and predictive analysis
0:54 and see what we can find out about the Python space
0:57 relative to other things.
0:59 Here's the first graph that they presented.
1:01 They said, We're going to focus on high-income countries,
1:05 and they plotted out the interest in questions
1:08 for any given language over time.
1:11 Do any of these stand out to you?
1:13 Do any look particularly amazing versus, you know
1:17 ones that are downward-trending like PHP?
1:21 PHP is not a good thing to learn right now
1:23 because it's just fading. Java's pretty flat.
1:27 C# went down from its original high
1:30 but then it flattened out.
1:33 But certainly the last two years it's either a flat
1:35 or slightly downward, which is not amazing.
1:38 On the other hand, Python is unlike all of these languages.
1:42 It's growing so incredibly quickly.
1:45 I don't know about you but if I was going to position
1:47 my career to glide along one of these curves
1:50 would you want a downward curve or would you want
1:53 something that is rocketing up?
1:55 Well, maybe Python was popular.
1:58 Maybe this is true of this graph but say that little
2:01 peak at the top?
2:02 Maybe that's like a super-turn and like we're all
2:04 going back down and it was just a blip on the radar.
2:07 Well, these folks did some analysis to figure out
2:10 where they think it's going to be in a couple years.
2:13 Look at this. It was impressive before.
2:16 It's ridiculous now.
2:18 So you can see this is the future traffic predicted
2:20 with the STL model along with a 80% prediction interval.
2:24 Python is really good to learn right now.
2:27 And on one hand, it doesn't matter how popular
2:29 a language is if you're just trying to build an app.
2:32 On the other hand, it really actually honestly does.
2:35 It means there are many more libraries available.
2:38 Those libraries get more attention.
2:40 It means there's more tutorials.
2:42 And it also correlates with career and job growth.
2:45 So Python is an amazing language to learn right now.
2:49 As a C# developer, once you get over the initial shock of
2:51 Oh my gosh, here's the language that's different
2:54 I think you'll find it is a super, super-language.
2:57 It really pairs up well with the stuff
2:59 that you already know and love and that's what
3:01 this course is all about, making those connections for you.