Python for the .NET developer Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Welcome .NET developers!

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0:00 Hello, and welcome
0:01 to Python for the .NET Developer.
0:03 I'm so glad you're here in this course
0:06 and that you're excited about learning Python
0:07 well, as a .NET developer.
0:10 In this set of videos, we're going to talk about
0:12 what you're going to learn, what prerequisites you need
0:15 and why Python is such an amazing language.
0:20 Let's begin with the methodology of this course.
0:24 Sure, you could just go take some random Python course.
0:27 Heck, we have many random Python courses
0:29 some of them are getting started courses.
0:32 Knowing that you're a .NET developer
0:34 we want to make that jump from C# to Python
0:38 much cleaner, much more reliable and more comfortable.
0:41 So what we're going to do is we're going to take
0:44 all the stuff that you love about C#, .NET
0:47 and its ecosystem, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Linq
0:52 Lambda Expressions, classes, generators, whatever it is.
0:56 The stuff that you love in C#
0:58 we're going to look at it first in C#
1:01 in working examples, and then for that example
1:03 we're going to rebuild it from scratch in Python.
1:07 Are you a fan of ASP.NET?
1:09 Cool, over in python we have something called Flask
1:11 and it works a lot like that.
1:13 So we're going to build a cool web app in ASP.NET
1:17 and then we're going to rebuild that app in Python.
1:21 Do you think Lambda Expressions are all the rage and make
1:24 your C# code so much better to read and write?
1:27 Well, in Python we have something similar
1:29 and we're going to create some little examples
1:30 in C# with Lambda Expressions
1:32 and then rewrite those in Python.
1:35 Working with databases just is not going to be the same
1:37 once you get started with an ORM.
1:39 Entity Framework is the ORM for C# and .NET.
1:43 Over in Python we have amazing ORMs, as well
1:46 and they work very similarly to Entity Framework.
1:49 So we're going to take a data driven app in C#
1:52 and we're going to, you guessed it, rebuild that app in Python.
1:56 So the idea, the methodology of this course is
1:58 we're going to take everything you love about C# and .NET
2:01 and we're going to show you the Python equivalent
2:03 talk about how we put it together
2:05 how we decided which aspect of Python to use
2:08 or which library to use to implement that.
2:12 Instead of going, Well, I'm going to jump into Python
2:14 and I'm going to be a total newbie
2:15 I'm not going to know how to do anything
2:17 you're going to jump into Python, have all of your experience
2:20 in C#, I know how to do data bases, I know how to do
2:23 web apps, I know how to do X, Y and Z," well, guess what?
2:26 We're going to show you how to do
2:27 all that stuff in a super smooth way over here in Python
2:30 so you can jump in and be productive immediately.