Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Conclusion
Lecture: Don't forget the source code

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0:00 There is a ton of code that we have created and many projects and applications that we've started from to explore these ideas.
0:08 So don't forget the source code. How do you do that? Well, make sure you've cloned this to your computer or if you're not into Git just click
0:15 the code button, that green thing and download it as a zip that should work just as well. But if you are into git hub over there and star and
0:23 fork the repository that way you'll always have a copy of it no matter what and why are over there. Don't forget to do the your turns.
0:31 I reminded you during each chapter that these your turns were available and give you an idea of what we were covering at the end of them.
0:38 But if there's some you haven't finished or you got distracted, this is probably one of the best ways to reinforce the ideas from that section on
0:46 that particular topic. So if there's some you haven't finished or you know, maybe it's been a while now you made it didn't the end of the course,
0:53 you can go over there and do them again potentially.
0:56 Make sure you take advantage of the your turns because they will really help reinforce and teach you exactly what's going on with PyCharm.

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