Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Extending PyCharm with plugins
Lecture: Plugins introduction

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0:02 It's time to focus on plug ins.
0:04 These are extra pieces of functionality that you can add to PyCharm to add new
0:09 tool Windows, new editor capabilities,
0:11 all sorts of things. There's just so many different things we can add really is
0:16 sort of the paradox of choice.
0:17 When you go exploring over there,
0:19 you want to have VIM key bindings,
0:21 There's a plug in for that.
0:23 Do you want to have it act like visual studio coming from Windows development?
0:27 You can go and grab the Visual studio key map from the plug ins.
0:33 There's also support for things like Node.js or if you want to build a client
0:37 side application to go along with,
0:39 say a Fast API backend instead of services,
0:42 you can get plug ins for electron.js.
0:44 S. In this chapter, we're going to survey some of the ones I think
0:48 are useful and then show you how to go explore and find more or whatever you're interested in.