Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Extending PyCharm with plugins
Lecture: A 1,000 additional plugins

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0:00 Now you've seen PyCharm has many of its core features and functionality built in as these
0:06 plug ins. You might have also noticed there's a search box for other things in a marketplace here, in fact there are many,
0:15 many different plug ins. So for example, we go down here, you can see that Angular and AngularJS is built in But the other popular ones,
0:24 like for example, Vue.Js aren't so we could see if there is a Vue Js, there's not, but PyCharms supposes suggests that we search in marketplace and
0:34 over here, if we go and see now we have a Vue.js plug-in we can install this, you can go to the plug in homepage,
0:43 see what's offered. Do be a little bit careful about these things in general.
0:47 Not necessarily Vue.js misses code running from some other random person you're putting on
0:52 your computer running in the context of a tool that is working with your source control and maybe even secrets and what not like API keys.
0:59 But you know, this one clearly someone's made by Jetbrains should be totally fine. There's also a bunch of other Vue.js things down here.
1:08 So you can see you scroll along, there's a bunch of cool tools here that you could work with.
1:12 We saw before that we can go down here and type key map and then that will give us a whole bunch of different key maps. Remember if you are into using.
1:23 Say Vim. We have IdeaVim that's actually more of a formal one, but then we have the key map for all these different things.
1:30 So if you want a VS Code key map, you want Mac os you want a net beans? It's been a while since I thought about net beans.
1:36 X code, WriterEmacs, whatever it is you're interested in visual studio and so on. All right. So if you wanted that key map that is over here
1:47 under the marketplace as well. One of the things I really like, and that's been super helpful for me when we're working on projects,
1:55 there's often external tools we have to bring in. For example, when you're talking to Talk Python Training the website you're actually talking to
2:02 Nginx. nginx is actually talking to a service Daemon running under system D and then the Python code is running that you talked to.
2:12 So as part of managing that whole infrastructure, we have to manage those tools as well. So for example, if you want to EngineX,
2:19 you're gonna work with that. You should probably install well Nginx support So I recommend this one. I've had it for a long time.
2:27 It's worked plenty well, ideas if you open up a .nginx file or whatever file type it is associated with the thing you're picking here,
2:36 you'll get automatic understanding of the syntax, maybe auto complete support and so on. So instead of just working with an nginx configuration file,
2:44 you can get all sorts of awesome support. We're working with .nginx. If you're working with system D.
2:52 The other part of that, for example the things that are run they're called units So here you can get Unit files,
2:59 support for 'systemmd'. And again this is super helpful because instead of just working
3:03 with a pure text it actually shows you the syntax and you know the story about
3:08 syntax highlighting, Auto complete. This is a really useful one as well and I
3:12 realized I didn't have it installed and might as well once you install these, you do have to restart the IDE. Usually for them to take effect.
3:19 So that's it. I encourage you to have a look through what's installed over here So you can see the various things that are being put together.
3:27 Turn off the ones you don't want. If that makes you happy then get them out of the UI. And then go over here and explore. And in fact that's the final,
3:35 your turn is to go over here and just explore using search. And can also see there's featured a new and then you know top downloads.
3:45 And you kind of explore through that section as well. You just go in here and explore and make PyCharm your own,
3:51 find the IDE extensions and plug-ins that you really wish were there
3:55 and realize you know how to make what you've already learned even better by extending with plug-ins. Have fun.

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