Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Tool windows
Lecture: Tool window introduction

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0:02 Are you ready for a grab bag?
0:05 We're going to talk about an assorted bunch of tools.
0:08 These are super important and really helpful.
0:11 We probably touched on them before as we've interacted with different parts of PyCharm,
0:16 but they didn't really fit into the topics we've covered so far.
0:19 And so we didn't dive deep or call them out in particular and some I'm sure
0:23 you've not seen yet, at least not in this course.
0:27 So we're going to dive into all those little extra windows and other things and tabs
0:32 and maybe even open a menu or two.
0:34 We'll see and pull out some of these extra tools that are not obvious, but really really helpful.