Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Tool windows
Lecture: The run window

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0:00 The next little tool window I want to talk about is the run window and we don't even see it here at the bottom. But if we hit run then there we go,
0:09 it's popped up here. So we're running our little wizard battle thing over here and you've seen this a bunch already.
0:15 We've been running all the programs for many, many chapters. Now, you can see when you do input, when you do input in this part,
0:21 you know? Colorize, it is green here in this case we could run away One thing you gotta do is make sure that your focus down there for this
0:28 to work. There's a couple of things that we haven't really talked about. You can do word wrap in case text is really long,
0:35 you can tell it to make sure to scroll to the end and automatically stick. So if you go up here,
0:40 notice that went away and there could be tons of output. The scroll bar could be shooting by, but if you wanted to stick to the end and keep up,
0:47 got to click that. Print it. Yeah, I don't know. That's maybe in 1990s feature.
0:52 We can print it. You could clear obviously this will allow us to modify the
0:58 run configuration. It's just a shortcut of going up here and clicking edit configuration and then clicking here, we'll rerun it.
1:05 Same as clicking that right there. A few other things to point out that we haven't focused on.
1:10 If I hit run again, notice it stopped the program and restarted it right? We had some output here, we might have looked around and if I had run
1:20 it starts over if maybe I'm doing multiple runs at the same time, I'm doing processing or I want to have something run in the background and some other
1:27 option I'm going to choose at the same time. We need to go over here and edit the configuration and say allow running in parallel
1:34 So this will happen if I had another program. Let's see, Go Run the Podcast one. Here we go and run this.
1:43 Notice now we have our two windows and we can rerun that one and interact with this one. But if you want to have the same one,
1:49 run multiple times, let's go to the right configuration. We gotta go over here and say allow run in parallel.
1:58 So then while this one is running now we can, you know, start another one now we got 2D and this going in
2:04 two instances. So there's a lot of cool stuff. We can see, you can now see there's like two in case you close this
2:09 window, you can see there's like two a little number 2 underneath those to tell you how many of them are running, You can say stop 1 or stop them all.
2:16 All right. So a lot of cool stuff that you can do with the Run configurations in the 'Run' window.

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