Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Data science tools
Lecture: Hold tight for DataSpell

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0:00 Hey all I had a great presentation diving into all of the data science features of
0:05 PyCharm. When a week or two ago the folks over at JetBrains announced an
0:10 entirely new way to do data science over in a new IDE.
0:14 As well as bringing those features back in the PyCharm.
0:18 What does that mean for this course?
0:19 That means hold tight. I'm going to do a proper data science chapter for
0:24 PyCharm which will include many of the features of data spell just like it does of
0:28 Data Grip. But I want to wait until this is out an EAP at
0:33 least right now it's in a private early access.
0:35 You can click here and sign up and then go be part of it.
0:38 But it'll take awhile until you actually can just download it without an invite.
0:42 So what we're gonna do is I'm gonna put this chapter on hold instead of recording
0:46 the old style for you that's being replaced.
0:49 I'm gonna wait a couple of weeks and they're gonna replace it.
0:51 I'm gonna work with the folks at Jetbrains and replace it with this thing called data
0:55 spell and those features that we're also going to be added into PyCharm with that said
0:59 let's just take a quick look at this.
1:01 You can see Jetbrains dot com/data spell.
1:04 So it's tuned for the interactive style of working less software development.
1:09 More exploratory Jupyter notebook styles, local and remote environments.
1:13 It tends to work with 'conda'.
1:15 The anaconda style data science python distribution rather than pip and the built in python, also
1:23 as a lightweight workspace so you come over here you can see that here is a
1:26 Jupyter notebook inside of data spell and it has these cells but it also has all
1:32 the cool features of PyCharm and data spell.
1:35 But you can imagine it's using those features in a very very similar way.
1:39 A lot of cool stuff going on.
1:41 The things that I think will be interesting for you to hold on to for just
1:44 a minute are the PyCharm bits so you know just highlight those.
1:48 When will the new functionality make it into PyCharm professional?
1:51 As soon as JetBrains data spell is officially released although there is no specific date.
1:56 Why introduce a new IDE
1:58 In addition to PyCharm they expect data spell to be a more practical efficient environment
2:04 for working with data and it's really optimized for showing you things like tables that come
2:08 out of Pandas, data frames and so on,
2:10 which should you choose data spell or PyCharm professional they say at least here this
2:15 is up to you if you're involved in both Data science and development choose PyCharm
2:19 If you're just doing data science maybe data spell.
2:23 When will the data science functionality be available in Pycharm Community edition.
2:27 Never just like the current data science features that the paid feature.
2:32 Well JetBrains status spell bundle, web development nope,
2:35 that's PyCharm professional. The most important takeaway from all of this right here is
2:40 when will the new functionality make it into PyCharm Professional?
2:45 Not so much win, but will.
2:46 Yes, it will. All of it will just like data grip,
2:49 just like Web storm and so on.
2:51 So hang tight. This should be out in a way that I can record it
2:55 and put it together. I'm gonna work with the Jetbrains folks,
2:57 get you something concrete for now and then go and sign up for the private EAP
3:02 So that you can get it early and get your hands on it and
3:06 play around with it. And then if you have PyCharm professional,
3:08 it's just going to roll into that in the future as well.