Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Unit testing
Lecture: Surveying the application we'll test

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0:00 Here we are in the unit testing chapter of our source code.
0:04 We have an app down here.
0:05 You can see that the app has this program file and then it has some core
0:09 data access logic about finding a table some types that represent our entities and some errors
0:16 and all those kinds of things.
0:17 So, we have this program here that uses this core library.
0:23 The whole idea of the app is we like to do some kind of open table
0:27 clone. I call it table buddies or something like that.
0:30 And it says, hey, are you looking to go out to dinner?
0:33 What type of food would you like?
0:35 And then it will show you the restaurants.
0:36 Let you book a table there.
0:38 That's the idea of this app.
0:39 Let's give it a run just to see what it's like.
0:41 So here it is. It's running table open.
0:43 All right, so we're going to see let's go and have some burgers.
0:47 A couple of good places here in town.
0:50 We have a little big burger.
0:51 There's several locations there, but certainly the skyline restaurant,
0:55 They've got good milkshakes. You should go for that one.
0:57 So, we'll give that a shot.
0:59 And boom, we booked a table at skyline.
1:01 And then if we keep going,
1:02 let's try to book some more of these year for burgers and let's keep going noticed
1:07 only two tables. Now there's one table now we tried again says,
1:11 well, sorry, there's no food for that.
1:14 There's no tables for that food type.
1:16 So we can't book it. All right.
1:18 That's the idea of the application and we're not going to test this user interaction bit
1:23 instead, what we're gonna do is we're going to go over and test this core
1:27 library that does the data access,
1:29 like find a table, book a table and so on.