Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Unit testing
Lecture: Testing introduction

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0:02 Unit testing and having tests for your software in general is one of the key indicators
0:08 of professional software and it really separates the amateur beginner hobby types of projects from things
0:16 that are meant to be long lasting and have to work because your service up time depends on it or people aren't paying money for it.
0:25 And PyCharm has deep support for unit testing and other types of testing across all
0:31 the major frameworks in Python. pytest knows the built in unit tests and more
0:36 You also see that it has great integration with related technologies such as code coverage So if I want to run some tests and I want to know how well
0:47 are these tests, testing my code, one of the things you need to know as well,
0:51 what part of your code is it even running and could coverage tells you that And
0:54 the visualizations and integration of code coverage with unit tests and PyCharm is absolutely second
1:00 to none. It's amazing. It even has support for running tests every time that you save a change to a file.
1:06 So once you have your tests in place you can check a little button and as you edit your code, it just has a little light green or red.
1:13 Are the test currently passing? Are they currently failing continuously throughout your day as you
1:19 work? So there's a lot of cool things to explore in testing the PyCharm and we get them in this chapter.

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