Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Performance and profiling
Lecture: Performance and profiling

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0:02 We've written our code, we've debugged it. It's working great, but it's a little bit slow.
0:09 We imagine that that web application that were built was going to be ultra fast.
0:14 Everyone would be so impressed. They just click around and it's like lightning. In fact it's like a second or two per page and it's just dragging on in
0:22 super slow, disappointed. Right, wow. How do you fix it? We asked the question, where are you spending your time? What part is slow? What part is fast?
0:33 Instead of just guessing we'll be able to laser focus in on the part of our application. That's actually the bottleneck once you find the problem.
0:42 Well, it's up to you, is your programming skills to maybe use different algorithms or data structures to make it fast
0:48 But to start to know where to apply your time and energy and make changes You need to know where it's slow.
0:54 And so we're going to use the profiling tools in PyCharm to laser focus in
0:59 exactly where our program is slow and make it faster by understanding just the few lines what we need to change.

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