Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Packages
Lecture: Your turn

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0:00 Packages are fun knowing how to create them.
0:02 Really allows you to share your code much better than just trying to share a 'py' file
0:06 So it's your turn to go over and create a package.
0:11 So what we're gonna do is drop over onto the GitHub repository.
0:15 Go into the python packages. Your turn section Creative Project,
0:19 turn it into a package add a feature,
0:21 include a set up through the creative setup.py. Use the package.
0:26 And if you want extra points,
0:27 you could even create some distributable wheels and potentially install it or something like that.
0:32 So it's your turn to go play with packaging. Have a lot of fun.