Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Client-side web apps
Lecture: Client side introduction

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0:03 We've seen the server side capabilities of PyCharm and they are pretty awesome.
0:07 But as I'm sure, you know,
0:09 web apps are not just server side applications,
0:12 there's all kinds of things that have to get exchanged with your browser.
0:17 Maybe that's Javascript. Basic javascript,
0:19 you might right. Or it could be something really advanced like a front end framework
0:23 like Vue.js or React or so on.
0:27 There's also styling, right? CSS files or the more complicated LESS or SASS or
0:33 SASS files that are programming languages that transpile down to CSS right
0:40 order to use those. You need to take those files you right and actually convert
0:43 them to CSS another one in that category is definitely Typescript.
0:47 Typescript is a great way to write javascript but it doesn't run in your browser.
0:51 You need to take that and compile it down to ECMA script six or
0:55 whatever It compiles too. We'll see that PyCharm actually has built in support for
1:00 even doing those types of transportation steps as you edit your code.
1:05 So if you're working on Front End frameworks,
1:07 you want to do a lot of rich javascript,
1:09 maybe some advanced CSS and put all these things together. That's what we are gonna focus in this chapter.