Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Server-side Python web apps
Lecture: The web IDE pyramid

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0:00 Recall our IDE Pyramid here we have PyCharm at the top.
0:04 But PyCharm also is built upon WebStorm and DataGrip.
0:08 So as I was saying before,
0:10 if you want to have a really first class
0:13 IDE for working with web applications,
0:15 well, PyCharm is absolutely one of those because it has all the Web Storm
0:19 features and WebStorm itself is one of the very best web
0:23 IDE's When we talk about the server side frameworks,
0:27 when we talk about Flask and Django and Fast API and Pyramid and so on,
0:32 we're going to be working with the features of PyCharm itself.
0:36 Right? We're riding the back end server side python code and may be working with
0:40 the templates and the way those things fit together at the same time.
0:43 Those will have a lot of front end features.
0:46 So client side web frameworks like Vue.js
0:49 potentially obviously straight html or html in the form of jinja template or something.
0:56 CSS, LESS, Typescript, Javascript, all of those things and all that support is coming
1:01 from the WebStorm side of things here.
1:03 So as we focus on the next two chapters,
1:06 we're going to be kind of inter plane between these two parts of this IDE Pyramid..