Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Server-side Python web apps
Lecture: Server-side web introduction

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0:02 Hello again, it's time to build some web applications in python and this is a
0:09 really important aspect of python apps because I feel that web applications and web api are
0:16 one of the true pillars of where many people are spending their time building applications and
0:21 services with python. The other major one of course being data science and then there's
0:26 a whole host of other things,
0:27 but web applications are front and center in the python ecosystem and what we'll see is
0:32 that PyCharm has fantastic support for what you're building regardless of whether you're building that
0:36 in Django. If you're building that with Flask, Fast API or something else,
0:41 it understands the templates and the relationships between your python view methods and the various templates
0:47 It has auto complete for all the popular template languages that the python web frameworks
0:52 use. So it's really, really good at working across these different types of web
0:57 applications just to give you a couple of examples of python in the real world,
1:02 instagram runs the largest deployment of Django applications out there many,
1:07 many, many servers running Django code when you go and check out your pictures or
1:13 flip through your feed, things like that.
1:15 You might have also heard of this little site.
1:16 It has stuff to do with video.
1:18 It's called Youtube. Youtube is written in python and does one million requests per second
1:24 with its python code. So python is super,
1:27 super important in the web and PyCharm works on all the different aspects of your
1:34 python web application. Remember don't let people tell you,
1:37 I do web app stuff and I do things in javascript so I don't use
1:41 PyCharm. There are reasons you might choose other tools,
1:44 but that is not it. PyCharm has fantastic support for all the different file
1:48 formats that you're going to use in Web applications.
1:52 So we're going to dive in and explore that in this chapter,
1:55 we're gonna build a server side web application.
1:57 It'll be a lot of fun.