Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Databases
Lecture: Your turn

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0:00 You've seen me do all sorts of cool stuff with PyCharm in databases now, it's your turn. So be sure to do the hands on exercises for this chapter
0:08 there over here under chapter five. Basically what we're gonna do is we're going to open an existing SQLite database and
0:16 PyCharm. There's really two things that are meant to happen there one just to make sure you can open a SQLite database and you know how to do that.
0:22 But to and maybe more important is to make sure that your system is set up
0:26 with the right drivers so that all the tools automatically can work with it from their
0:31 arm. Then you're going to write some queries against some existing data. You're going to use the diagrams to view the tables and so on.
0:38 So basically you're going to play with one of those SQLite databases that we've already created
0:43 and get some hands on seeing how the database tools work for yourself. Allright have fun.

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