Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Databases
Lecture: Database introduction

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0:02 Hello again. Friends. Virtually all major applications work with data in some way or
0:09 another. And primarily that means working with databases.
0:12 Usually relational databases, but also sometimes no SQL databases.
0:17 And having a really good database behind your application is literally often the difference between a
0:24 slow and sluggish and painful and frustrating experience or an ultra crisp fast application when you
0:32 work with talk python training, does the site feel slow or is it blazing fast
0:35 One of the main things I've done to make that site fast is I have
0:40 optimized the database queries over and over and over again.
0:45 Yeah, there happens to be really good cacheing on the static assets.
0:48 By the way, we're going to focus on databases and what you'll see is that
0:53 PyCharm has fantastic support for working with relational databases and also even some built in
0:58 support or plug-ins you can add that adds support for no SQL databases as well
1:03 And I think the way that PyCharm works with these databases will absolutely exceed your
1:09 expectations. There are things that it does,
1:11 particularly within the python code that I think will blow your mind.
1:15 So hopefully you're looking forward to it. I know Iam this is the real cool aspect of PyCharm.