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Chapter: Source control
Lecture: Your turn

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0:00 Now that you've seen me work with Source control and local history and so on. It's your turn. It's time to write some code and get hands on with the
0:09 source control features and the local history features of PyCharm. So jump over to the github repository,
0:15 go to the your turn section and then topic number 3. Source control. So the idea is we're gonna go and build a basic little high
0:24 level game to create a local git repository, make sure you have get installed on your system and then we'll just type git init
0:33 in a folder instead of connecting this back to it. Some kind of cloud place like GIT hub or git bucket or git lab.
0:39 We're just going to create a local Git repository. And in here we're going to write some code.
0:43 We're going to write this game that basically allows you to guess the number and uses was called the binary search algorithm,
0:51 ideally you're going to use the binary search algorithm to play it. So I guess a number between 0 and 100 and 50 too low 75 too high.
0:59 You just kind of find your way half between each little segment until you get it
1:03 nailed. Right. Then you're going to check this into your local Git repository as well as play with local history.
1:09 So get out there, play with this code, Make sure you try out. Do you remember it and you know exactly how it works.

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