Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Source control
Lecture: Merging back with a pull request

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0:00 So we made our fix to this version to header, issue 48 branch but it's not actually in our podcast code.
0:09 What we want to do is we want to actually create what's called a poor request Now this is not the way you have to do it.
0:14 You can go over in PyCharm and I could go this branch and just say merge the changes we made into this branch and there would be a unrelated copy of
0:27 it dropped over here. Right. But what we can do is we can put a little bit more formality around it on github and this is super common,
0:34 which is why I show an issue over here is we might create a poor request somebody wants to review it or have a record for this reason all of these
0:42 changes were brought over into this branch. I'm gonna go ahead and you know, github is really friendly and it says,
0:48 look here's some branches that are not the one you're on and you might want to
0:52 create a poor request. I'm going to switch the one I'm actually working on at the moment and do the same, then I'll click this button here.
1:01 If we look at it, it says we're going to take those changes we did to that branch and I actually want to put it into this particular branch and it
1:07 says great, you can merge those changes automatically. This will be super. And now we're going to fix say this fix uh fix
1:20 says issue 48 with this PR so we can open the poor request, wait a moment. Then here we have the various changes we've done with our check
1:30 in and it's going to fix this now. It's not yet merged it right. It's created the poor request and we could assign someone to review it to make sure
1:41 everything works. If we had continuous integration setup, it might run our tests to make sure if this change were brought in,
1:47 it's not going to break things and so on. So what we would do is we push this button to merge those changes over what
1:55 we want to do one other thing before we push these changes in here. So I'm actually not going to push it now.
2:00 I want to go back to PyCharm and play with this PR. A little bit as well.

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