Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Your turn

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0:00 Well, you've made it through what's probably the longest chapter in this course.
0:03 But the most important part of PyCharm as well.
0:06 And that's the editor. It's your turn to play around.
0:09 So jump over to the your turn section in the GitHub repo and you can see
0:14 here we're going to add some features to a class.
0:16 We're going to clean up code according to PEP 8 to remove some unused imports,
0:20 add some documentation and so on.
0:22 So here's your chance to play with some of those ideas and feel free to experiment
0:25 create a live template, Set up a code with me,
0:28 session and share it with a friend or colleague.
0:31 It's your turn to play. So have a good time checking out all those features that we talked about.