Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Code With Me in action

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0:00 So we're here in this podcast program and it's not working.
0:03 If I try to run it,
0:05 you can see that it has this little header that comes out and says zero episodes
0:10 and yet if we go to pythonbytes.fm over to the episodes.
0:15 There are clearly many, many episodes here so something's wrong.
0:19 I've been on this all day,
0:21 I can't fix it, I need help.
0:22 So let's go over to code with me here and right now there's no session but
0:27 I'll enable and copy the link.
0:29 You have a choice about the permissions you can do this is read only and just
0:33 let somebody look but not touch or interact with certain files over.
0:38 I can also changes so they can edit files but they can't do things like run
0:41 code. They can't open up the terminal and run arbitrary commands but hey this is
0:45 Brian Okken I trust him
0:46 Right Brian wouldn't do anything wrong so I'm going to pull this up and just give
0:50 them full control so he can debug and step through and so on.
0:52 We could also start an automatic voice call.
0:54 The recording for this setup doesn't work that well.
0:56 So we're going to use a different mechanism and not use the voice call here.
1:00 Alright link has been copied, I'm going to send this to Brian and he'll be
1:03 here in a moment. So when Brian got that link,
1:07 I sent to him over a chat.
1:08 He clicked it and it opens up and says PyCharm is opening is downloading a
1:12 version that he needs the first time you do this often.
1:15 It's going to actually download a small lightweight copy of PyCharm to run.
1:19 He's already done it before. So it opened really quick.
1:21 There's a code, we check that I accept it.
1:24 It must match who else would be joining this thing right now.
1:26 So Okkin has joined. Right.
1:29 Hey. Yeah. So hey,
1:31 thanks for joining me today. Have a bit of problem.
1:33 You know, I told you about that cool thing that would tell you the titles
1:36 of all of our episodes on python bytes that we do together.
1:39 Yeah, yeah, that would be awesome.
1:41 It's not, it comes back here and it says uh when I run it,
1:44 it's zero episodes. So um,
1:47 I'm just gonna follow you around.
1:48 Um, I'm going to click on you and that will follow you.
1:50 Can you go over to the service thing where we're trying to download them.
1:53 I'm not very good with Xml and X path and there's something busted here.
1:57 Help me out like, So you can see online 18 that I'm doing this x
2:01 path query against the XML dom the element tree
2:05 right? Yeah, you can see this is,
2:07 this is brian's highlighted brian's little cursor and highlighting like think google docs.
2:12 Right? So there's something wrong with that X path query because it's clearly coming back
2:15 when you look like you're actually going and just run it,
2:17 hit the play button for me on your side.
2:20 Okay, that's a great point or just play just run it just place.
2:23 Okay. Yeah you can see it's working with a total of zero episodes.
2:28 Yeah that's not right. No that's not right.
2:30 So there's something wrong with the X Path query.
2:32 Why don't you try just printing out items and see what we get are actually printing
2:35 out the dom just right to print the dom and see what we get printed.
2:38 Um Okay so yeah let's run it now.
2:46 Oh actually that's not super helpful is it?
2:47 Let's go I'm gonna try printing out the strings.
2:50 I'm gonna change that for a moment here and running again.
2:53 That's still the same thing. What do you think about the debugger?
2:55 I'll put a breakpoint here and we can plug into that and see if we can
2:58 see more about that. Oh cool.
3:01 Yeah you go to the dom yeah we can go to the thanks.
3:04 Well there's not a whole lot going on.
3:06 I guess we can response text.
3:09 We look at the response text.
3:10 Okay. Clearly there's Xml in this response text here right,
3:13 in this so there's something going on and you got any idea because I
3:19 thought I had it right, I thought it was channel/items.
3:22 Well is that is that in point correct?
3:24 Yeah like rss it was channeled and it has a bunch of items so oh maybe
3:29 there it's just called item do you think?
3:32 Yeah yeah let's try that. Okay.
3:35 All right. All right again.
3:37 Oh yes that was some oh no the numbers are on.
3:41 What do you mean they're wrong?
3:43 Well like here at the bottom we have fuzzy,
3:45 wuzzy, Lousy Fuzzy I love that title.
3:49 Um but it says 236 but it's lined up with 235.
3:54 Oh okay that's that's not ideal.
3:56 Let's see. Um So I think the code right on the same screen that you're
4:00 looking for like online 21 here this is where we come up and if you look
4:04 actually this episode it goes title link,
4:07 pub date show ID and that's what's getting displayed there.
4:10 Is that show ID? Okay that's what do you think that should we not have
4:16 that minus you think maybe maybe that might be.
4:19 What's the problem? You drop it,
4:22 take it away. Okay. Why are you running again?
4:24 See what happens. Oh there we go.
4:28 You're a genius. We have our elements and we have our titles and we have
4:31 the numbers fix brilliant. And I just want to point out to everyone watching that
4:36 when Brian ran it it didn't download the code to his machine and run it.
4:40 It ran on my machine. So for example if we were talking to a database
4:43 or some infrastructure that only my computer had access to like he would be controlling,
4:48 interacted with that even though in his PyCharm.
4:50 He's debugging and looking at the variables and editing and so on.
4:54 I think we should check this in.
4:55 This is awesome. So let me go over here to the commit section.
4:59 And one thing that I found really interesting is there are changes,
5:03 there are changes for me and you can see like I change this channel/items
5:08 to item and there's also changes by Okken.
5:11 So it actually in the get check in it separates the changes.
5:15 It shows like that subtraction of one that you did.
5:17 So nice. Uh huh. We'll admit all these changes first.
5:25 I'll commit these and this just has changed by Brian.
5:31 Cool. Well it looks like we've got it all fixed.
5:34 Thanks so much for being here. I'm gonna kick you out of the session.
5:36 All right. So yeah. Bye.