Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Introduction to Code With Me

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0:00 The final editor feature we want to talk about. It's kind of like google docs but for PyCharm and it's fantastic.
0:07 It's relatively new and it's called 'Code with me'. The idea is over in your project. There's a little people icon appear at the top,
0:15 but if you click it, it'll say enable access and copy an invitation link. And what that's going to do is it will give you a link that you can
0:22 share, can pick how much access you want to give, let them edit the files, let them run the debugger, interact with the terminal and so on.
0:30 Even start a voice call and you can share this with somebody and just like google docs, you can both look at it and type on it and keep it in
0:36 sync. And what's amazing is they're not going to get your source code downloaded, they're connected and running it locally.
0:42 So if they open up a terminal in their PyCharm, it's going to be a terminal on your machine with access to your infrastructure and the
0:48 stuff that it needs on your machine to run. Right? So if it needs like a data base set up,
0:53 we'll be able to interact with the code that talks to the database because it's just your current setup. Once you send that off,
1:00 it's gonna say so and so wants to join. Do you want to let them know this is like a final chance to not let
1:06 them code with me bomb. My guess is the way you would phrase it, the code with the equivalent of a zoom bombing.
1:11 They can't just drop in if they have the code, they've also got to be let in. And then once you say okay,
1:17 they were joined, you can actually click up here on their name and follow along Then you'll see actually a little window,
1:24 you'll see their cursor, you know, be able to actually go from file to file to file as they're interacting with it
1:29 and see their changes. All of this stuff is amazing. It's much better seen in action.
1:34 So in the next section we're gonna go and run through this with a co host of Python bytes, Brian Okken.
1:40 he and I are gonna fix a quick problem with that podcast app we built at the beginning.

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