Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Finding usages of functions and other symbols

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0:00 One thing that's really important when you're working with code is to know how it's being used, especially if you're going to make changes to it.
0:07 If you're going to add new features or you're considering removing it, you think maybe maybe no one's using it?
0:13 Are you sure? So one really neat feature we can do on many symbols, on variables, on functions on classes and so on as we can right click and
0:21 say find usages. If we hit that, it will actually show us the code all the places in our code where that's being
0:28 used. So for example, here is the definition of get details and down here
0:33 in program share titles in that function or calling this line episode =service.get_details and that's where it's being used.
0:41 Obviously in our simple little example here, we only have one place where it's being used.
0:46 But in a real app, you probably have many places that you could jump around and find where the codes being used.
0:51 So make sure that you use this to understand how the code being used across the entire project.

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