Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Lens mode

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0:00 While I encourage you to write your code in multiple small files, not one huge one, We're still going to end up with somewhat large files.
0:08 Right? And if you have little warnings or errors or maybe just want to look and see what's down near different section.
0:16 But especially if there's a little warnings or colors in the scroll bar,
0:20 you might want to just look down there and see what's going on without actually changing locations. So here we are in a somewhat large file,
0:28 you see the line numbers 1 to 29 and then all of a sudden it goes to 114. Actually, if we put our cursor right there,
0:36 if we hover over where the scroll bar would be and wait for a moment, PyCharm will pop up this view of what would it be like if we actually scroll
0:44 to that location. So down there, apparently online 114 115 we can see there's a function called announced that takes an
0:51 item in a message. And as you move up and down your mouse, you actually move the lens mode around.
0:57 You're trying to figure out what's going on in a file and you don't necessarily want
1:01 to leave where you are. But you want to look a little bit around lens mode.

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