Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Concept: Actions and key bindings

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0:00 We saw that we can use 'cmd+shift+A' or on the other platforms.
0:03 'Ctrl+shift+A' to pull up our find action and run it.
0:07 And we also saw that in there,
0:09 we have these really cool little highlights that show us what the hotkey's are.
0:13 For example, the re factor this,
0:14 you can see that's 'ctrl+T' with my current binding.
0:18 So a couple of things like can I control that key binding,
0:21 Can I add custom keyboard shortcuts that may be map these ones that don't have them like
0:27 Project View pop up pre factoring group apparently has no hotkey or anything like that
0:32 Many of these don't notice some of these settings here are going to be based
0:36 on your key mapping, which you can actually find the cheat sheet at
0:40 'bit.ly/pycharm-card'.
0:42 There's a pdf, you can check out or you can open up the preferences and
0:46 go over to key map and then there's a couple of things to pick here.
0:49 You can have Mac OS, Emacs,
0:52 you can have Sublime, you have Idea,
0:55 Classic and so on. And if you're on Windows,
0:57 I suspect you would have a Windows option here as well.
1:01 So these are the ones that we have on this system and if you want to
1:04 change them, you just go down like for example,
1:06 it says type info, it says control shift P.
1:09 If you want to change that,
1:10 you can go and add a hotkey that will actually modify that,
1:13 you can export these and import them and all of those things?
1:18 Well, if you're may be a Vim user,
1:19 you might be looking at this list and thinking,
1:21 well why does the max get all the magic?
1:23 And I don't. That's weird.
1:25 Right. Well we can go over to the plug-ins and get a bunch of
1:30 different E maps, a bunch of different hot keys and key setups.
1:35 So if you go to plug ins it's not immediately obvious how to do this.
1:38 But you can type key map in the search and then you get a
1:42 VSCode. Key map,
1:43 you get a visual studio key map.
1:44 So things like F5 would be the bugging and control of five would just run
1:48 it. I'm guessing something like that,
1:50 you've got Vim, you've got net beans,
1:53 you've got X code. So there's a whole bunch of look how big that scroll
1:56 bar is. So if you don't like the one that's there.
1:59 Well, guess what? Just go over here,
2:01 search for Key map and install it as a plug in update for your editor.